DEMO & LINUX [SWIFT KALEIDO! - Version 1.18.108 - Updated: 18:30 31/7 - 19

[SWIFT KALEIDO! - Version 1.18.108 - Updated: 18:30  31/7 - 19

Linux x64 support aswell as free Demos have been added!

Play the Demo over at Newgrounds!

You can now reset your savefile for clicking R on the Options menu two times.
Added failsave for reset. If the player resets their gamefile by pressing R two times in the options menu but cancels out of the game without exiting the Options menu the Savefile will be restored to the last Autosave.
YATSK conditions tweaked to include 100%.
Added Sine for Pet in store Index Midnight Stroll.
Ironed out a lot of code related to the store aswell as the unlock system.

Bugs fixed:
Fixed bug where equipping Spazztik on lvl 90 would make the camera pan over to the far right.
Fixed bug where the Ui wouldn't be visible on lvl 90 if the level had previously been completed.
Fixed Fadein on levelselect sometimes layering.
Debugged zone popup.
Fixed bug where the grid would select the level select button instead of right arrow if you toggled through pet store into Midnight Stroll.
Fixed bug where "disappearing" animation wouldn't trigger on large decor on lvl 90.
Fixed Fadein inconsistency on some levels.
Fixed camera snapping into position on level 90.
Fixed issue where the player could potentially become invincible when using the heart under certain conditions.
Fixed bug where under the right condition the player could potentially purchase the Human Male Face twice.
General achievements "Deathless", "Money Hoarder", "Fastest Thing Alive" and "100%" all debugged.

Tweaked edge tile for Frozen Wasteland.
Corrected Konami Code frame inconsistencies.
Fadein animations slightly tweaked.
Added graphical menu for the Demo.
Added Store Index pet for Midnight Stroll
Removed graphical popup for the achievement page on the Zone Select.

Conditions for "R.I.P", "Angry Bumper", "Electrocuted" and "Midnight Stroll Speedrun" achievements tweaked.
Added Demo Layout.
Edited Credit Scrollspeed.
Increased clarity for currencies in the Store.
Tweaked portal width.
Debugged issue with popup "Deny" and "Confirm" animations.
Disabled access to old unused layouts by keyboard shortcuts.
Instead of the Achievement pages' lock system functioning like the Pet Store's you can now preview all zone's achievements without being able to enter the levelselect.

Added SFX on Heart HP loss.

Text added on the options menu if the player presses R.

Levels tweaked:
Fixed lvl 26 exploit.

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